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Monday, May 07, 2007

UNKLE is back!

"On July 24 UNKLE is finally returning with their third LP, War Stories. The album will come out via UNKLE James Lavelle's Surrender All label, and was co-produced by UNKLE and Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age). There are some pretty hefty names attached to this release such as Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), The Duke Spirit, 3D (Massive Attack), Ian Astbury, Autolux, Gavin Clark (Clayhill) and Richard File."

War Stories
01. "Intro"
02. "Chemistry"
03. "Hold My Hand"
04. "Restless" (feat. Josh Homme)
05. "Keys To The Kingdom" (feat. Gavin Clark)
06. "Price You Pay"
07. "Burn My Shadow" (feat. Ian Astbury)
08. "May Day" (feat. The Duke Spirit)
09. "Persons & Machinery" (feat. Autolux)
10. "Twilight" (feat. 3D)
11. "Morning Rage"
12. "Lawless"
13. "Broken" (feat. Gavin Clark)
14. "When Things Explode" (feat. Ian Astbury)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out new Unkle special website http://unkle-war-stories.info for more info about this release

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