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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Best Band You've Never Heard, Vol. II

Fudge Tunnel

To me this band is just a raw, straight-ahead rock band. Fudge Tunnel was all about the music. No frills. Their "Creep Diets" album is essential for your collection. There was a lot of energy put into their records and they sound great on 11!

A bit of history ...

"Nottingham, UK's Fudge Tunnel formed in 1989, influenced by the early Chicago/Big Black/Albini scene, albeit being noticeably heavier in the guitar department. Their debut 7" "Sex Mammoth" on London's Pigboy/Vinyl Solution label bagged the band a coveted 'single of the week' slot in the NME. A second release, the 'Sweet Sound Of Excess' 12" , again on the same label, cemented their reputation as one of the UK's best up-n-coming new artists. Earache signed the local band to an albums deal, and encouraged them to work with noted producer Colin Richardson to make the debut for the label, 'Hate Songs In E-Minor'."

You can listen to some songs here.

Note: Don't let the picture fool you on how they sound.

Credit | Fark This



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