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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Salt Mine Show

Now that their "Duluth Tour" is over, Queens of the Stone Age have to get their non-traditional touring kicks somehow. And since we already know they have 1.) a refined palate (see: their appearance on an upcoming holiday episode of chef Anthony Bourdain's Travel Channel show) and 2.) an affinity for all things rock (see: their music and the "Stone Age" in their name), the announcement that the band will play one mile underground in a former German salt mine next month seems just about perfect.

The mine is in Sondershausen, Germany (check out pictures here), and the show is on November 20. And the venue isn't the only special thing about the performance: Queens plan to unearth (I'm sorry) plenty of songs they have never before played live for the exclusive unplugged set.

Unfortunately, the show is only open to winners of various worldwide competitions (including some radio promotions), but the band has plenty of regular ol' dates as well, including a few more UK shows in February. Their next show is tomorrow night, October 27, in Las Vegas at the Vegoose festival.

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