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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Best Band You've Never Heard

So I'm starting a new re-occurring post. This will be about bands that have little to no spotlight shone upon them. It's not necessarily for up-and-coming bands, because there are plenty of bands that have gone completely under the radar until their demise. That being said, this 1st edition will star "The God Machine" , who disbanded after bass player jimmy fernandez died from a brain tumor. The God Machine were able to make a great album beforehand though. "Scenes from the Second Storey" came out in 1993 on Fiction Records. If you own this record, then congratulations, you're getting closer to being as cool as me. This is a must-own record for your collection and looks as though (after some research) that it could be fairly hard to track down. You can listen to some tracks on their myspace and with a little perseverance I'm sure you'll track it down.

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